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Music Ministries

The Music Ministry is a vital part of the worship service.  Every service that you attend will have live and anointed singing and music.  There are various groups that comprise the music department at FLC.  These include the band, choir, praise team and special groups (i.e. trios, quartets and soloists). You can expect a lively and energetic atmosphere when you attend our worship services.  We believe that the Spirit of God has the ability to change lives through the songs that are offered as worship to Him.  We have seen many times where the Holy Spirit has come in and ministered to the congregation during the worship and people are filled with the Holy Spirit and pour their hearts out before God.  It is the goal of our music ministry to create the atmosphere where people can connect with God during the worship so they can be healed, changed, delivered and grow in Christ. 


In His care,


Keith Smith

Meet Keith Smith

Keith Smith came to Brentwood in 2014 to be the Minister of Music.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in General Ministry with an emphasis in Christian Music and a degree in Theology from Christian Life College in Stockton, California. He has served in music ministry in many capacities over the years. These include being a choir director, youth music leader, traveling around the country with a college music group, recording with Freeway Quartet, and singing with various praise teams and choirs.  Keith continues to be a highly sought after guest vocalist. As he leads in worship, his passion for God is evident to all that are in the congregation. His whole desire is to please God and draw people closer to God through music and the Word of God.  

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