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Pastoral Care & Hospitality

A pastor, his wife and family have the most misunderstood place within the church. Often been said, they have no needs, they have everything together, they don't need our prayers and they don't need anything. A Pastor holds the place of a shepherd, a leader, whom spends many hours in prayer before God seeking His face, His will, and His direction for the saints. It's what we often don't see, yet reap the tremendous blessings that come from the man of God and his family through much sacrifice. I have a burden and great desire to see our Pastor, his wife and family, appreciated, blessed and loved. We the saints reap the greater reward for honoring the man of God. 

Della Lorenzetti

Meet Della Lorenzetti 

Della Lorenzetti has always loved having people in her home. She was raised in a big Italian family and often had someone in their home enjoying the foods of their culture. It was her upbringing where she learned that it was a beautiful ministry to serve people, wanting them to feel the peace of God, enjoy dinner or cup of coffee and leave with a blessing upon their lives. The joy of giving and serving people has made her life rich. Della has served in the church for many years in the ministry of hospitality and has enjoyed every moment of it. 

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